Mediterranean Bali is one of the best Hospitality colleges in Indonesia in the field of Hotels and Cruise Ships.  Mediterranean Bali is now building on this success by expanding to allow its graduates opportunities for self-development by creating businesses and jobs that hire people as Entrepreneurs.  Mediterranean Bali is a top achiever at the local, national, and international level. Just one example of many is placing 4th Position (Honorable Mention) in ASEAN Culinary Skill Competition.


Mediterranean Bali focuses on high educational quality by using ASEAN CURICULUM, boasts star hotel and cruise ship facilities, and is supported by highly qualified instructors with teaching certification. However, with Hybrid Learning, the learning process does not end at the classroom. Our students can now learn anytime and anywhere. Not only that, but our OJT (On The Job Training) placement is done in 4/5 stars hotels both inside and outside of the country. Mediterranean campus has 4 branches which are spread in Bali such as Mediterranean Denpasar, Mediterranean Bangli, Mediterranean Singaraja , and Mediterranean Karangasem.


Mediterranean Singaraja Campus is located in Banyuning Village, Buleleng Regency. The location is strategically close to the main road. This magnificent building contains 4 floors, and the classrooms’ design have spots to post in Instagram Apps, making the learning process more engaging and fun. The facilities of Mediterranean Singaraja include Air Conditioning, Television, Monitor, and Wifi that support comfortable classroom environments. Mediterranean Singaraja also contains a Mock Room with 5 star hotel standards that are used for Housekeeping practice, complete with Single/Double Bed, Toilet, and Bathtub. Mediterranean Singaraja also has a Restaurant complete with bar station for Food and Beverage Service students, and a coffee machine for baristas. The kitchen in Mediterranean Singaraja is also 5 star hotel standard and includes white cutting boards, oven, sauce pan, measuring jug, and everything else to make the food preparation experience complete.  Our main lobby is a comfortable environment where our friendly staff greets all visitors.