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Mediterranean Bali is one of the best Hotel and Cruise Line Training Centres in Indonesia. Founded in 2008, The Mediterranean Bali mission is to create a competent and professional generation of future leaders in the international hospitality industry, especially on cruise lines and in five star hotels.

With four campuses across Bali, including Mediterranean Denpasar, Mediterranean Bangli, Mediterranean Karangasem, and Mediterranean Singaraja, Mediterranean Bali offers well-equipped classrooms with complete star-standardized learning facilities, and qualified and experienced instructors with cruise line and hotel experience, as well as professional academic language instructors. Mediterranean Bali has become one of the favorite cruise line training institutes in Indonesia, amongst smart creative and independent young students interested in international careers.

The founders, Anak Agung Abdiarta, Wayan Sulendra, Yoseph Sunastra, Robert Upchurch, Anak Agung Pering, Nyoman Restu Yasa and Anak Agung Widnyana have brought their dream to build a hotel and cruise line campus into reality and now the Mediterranean Bali is ready to facilitate Indonesian citizen to be able to work in the cruise lines.The founders, Anak Agung Abdiarta, Wayan Sulendra, Yoseph Sunastra, Robert Upchurch, Anak Agung Pering, Nyoman Restu Yasa and Anak Agung Widnyana have seen their dream to build a hotel and cruise line campus become reality, and now the Mediterranean Bali is ready to help Indonesian and international students to reach their dream of working in the cruise and hospitality industry.
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Why Mediterranean Bali ?


Mediterranean Bali works closely with the cruise line agent, CTI Group Bali, which offers excellent opportunities for graduates to find employment on the international cruise lines.


Mediterranean Bali has Profession Certification Board 3 (LSP 3). Therefore, our graduates can get both a study certificate and a competency certificate from the Bali Tourism Profession Certification Board (LSP 3) which is recognized nationally and internationally.


Mediterranean Bali has partnerships (or MOUs) with many of the best 4* and 5* hotels in Indonesia and abroad. These partnerships facilitate student placements in some of the best hotels, and to be accepted for their job training program without additional fees/ FREE. 


Mediterranean Bali offers a “Discipline Reward Program” in the form of monthly financial bonuses to students who demonstrate the best examples of discipline and hotelier attitudes during the classes.


Mediterranean Bali is one of the only Institutes in Bali that offers the online learning system Qooco for the learning and practice of English 


Mediterranean Bali is one of the only Hotel and Cruise Line Training Centre in Bali that has produced ASEAN level champions (ASEAN skills competition).


Mediterranean Bali is accredited at level “A” by the Committee of Bali Accreditation and National Accreditation Board of Jakarta.

Job/ Cruise Line Trainee Distributor

Beside of graduating competent students with great hotelier attitude, another main commitment of the Mediterranean Bali is to distribute its best graduates to the international hospitality industry, particularly to the cruise lines. The Mediterranean Bali also gives their students several interview trainings and preparations, career and personality development, etc. for free. The pre-interview and Marlin Test for the qualified students/alumni are held in each of the branch campus by the Recruiter Agent CTI Bali Office in order to gain the interviewees motivation, to provide comfortable ambience and service as well as to give them the priority. Hundreds of Mediterranean Bali alumni have been successful in accomplishing their goals at young ages by developing their careers in many well-known hotels and cruise line, such as Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Hollan America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Celebrity, Windstar and so on.

National and International Networking

Mediterranean Bali has signed a networking MOU and becomes a member in some Tourism Industry Profession Associations and International Hospitality Agents to improve its quality and the students’ knowledge and skills. Mediterranean Bali also has the qualified competent instructors and frequently invites source persons and motivators in order to share their knowledge and experiences with the students as well as providing the latest information about related professions for the students.

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